Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Krashen and the $10 laptop

Sent to the Taipei Times, versions also posted on Daily Mail website, and Scientific American blog, Feb 4, 2009

India claims that it is developing a very cheap laptop "to improve the skills of millions of students" ("India says it will produce new laptop for just US $10," Feb. 4). There is no evidence that a $10 laptop will help students learn more.
Let me recommend a device (which) is even cheaper, and its efficacy is supported by a tremendous amount of research. It is random access, compact, and highly durable.
Using this device simulates temporal and pre-frontal areas of the brain, and may even delay senility in addition to increasing literacy levels dramatically and providing children with large amounts of information.
It is safe for use by children.
One warning: This device is extremely pleasant to use and may result in addiction.
These devices are found in great abundance in libraries, where they can be borrowed for free.

Stephen Krashen


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