Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Krashen on NCLB and testing

Don't Increase Testing

Sent to the Venture County Star, March 4
John Walker ("Legislation needed so NCLB doesn?t leave
schools behind," March 4) makes excellent points in
his criticism of No Child Left Behind. Among other
things, he is right when he says that NCLB has
narrowed the focus to English/language arts and math, neglecting other subjects.
I am concerned, however, that the remedy will be more
testing of more subjects, more standardized tests
given to students who are already over-tested, and
even more focus on test preparation rather than real
learning. There are already plans to introduce
standardized tests in science. Once that happens, we
can expect tests in social studies, music, art,
physical education, etc. etc., a great boon to the
test publishers, but a nightmare for students.
We owe it to the students not to test anymore than is necessary. Every unnecessary minute spent testing is stolen from teaching and learning.

Stephen Krashen


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